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Free Advertising Tool & Resources

These Free Advertising Tool & Resources Will Get You More Customers

Are you in need of where you can advertise your Businesses and get good results ?

Are you finding getting Downlines / Referrals for your Programs really hard ?

Do you love to have more customers for your Online and Offline Businesses ?

Is your website not getting good traffics/visits and loves to find a solution for that by getting Visits from real people every day, so that you can have better chance of making a sale?

These Advertising Tool and Resources Will Get All That For You:

A. Multi Facebook Groups/Pages/Walls AutoPoster (This is completely free to use. No Sign Up Fee, No Subscription Fee ).

B. 3,250 ( Three Thousand, Two Hundred & Fifty ) Facebook Groups.

C. 570 ( Five Hundred & Seventy ) Google Plus Communities.

D. Top 50 ( Fifty ) Mass Mailing Sites.

E. Top 250 ( Two Hundred & Fifty ) Classified Ad Sites & Business Directories.

F. Top 40 ( Forty ) Article Submission Sites.

In order to be able to get Referrals/Downlines and Customers for your programs and businesses, advertising needs to be done where there is a good chance of getting lot of views and people who will show interest in what you are advertising. These Tool & Resources will help you advertise your business to Millions of people and will be getting your web-page/site lot of views on a daily basis.
You will meet whoever your target is or are.

Benefits Of Having These Advertising Tool And Resources:

i. The Tool & Resources can be used to advertise your programs and Businesses which will get you downlines, referrals and customers.

ii. They can be use to drive or get traffics and visitors to your website, web-page/links from real people

iii. They can be used as Bonuses to attract more people to join your programs and businesses. You can promise to give them to anyone that join your business. The Tool and Resources will also be helping those that joined you.

Giving or promising bonuses is a good way to attract more downlines / referrals / customers.

iv. You can use them to make more money online by selling them. Everybody in business needs to advertise and they will love to have these Tool and Resources.
To help attract buyers for them, use the same Tool and Resources.

How These Tools and Resources Will Help Your Businesses

1). Multi Facebook Groups/Pages/Walls AutoPoster (This is completely free to use. No Sign Up Fee, No Subscription Fee).

This Tool will give your adverts exposure to millions of people on facebook.

It will be posting your adverts Automatically up to 6,000 Facebook Groups/Pages/Walls, everyday.

It can be used to post five different content to multiple facebook groups / pages etc.

It will help you in managing/publishing/scheduling to your wall/groups/pages a lot easier.

It can post Wall Status / Links / Photos / Album Photos and Videos.

It can upload directly online Videos to facebook or post youtube and dailymotion videos to pages/groups. They will be uploaded directly to facebook and will be playable as facebook videos.

It can save your post or adverts to be used in future.

The Tool can create categories for Groups and Pages, so that it will be easier to post on them.

It can be set or use to be posting automatically on facebook, everyday, up to six months.

It is save to use and you will never be penalized or sanction or blocked by facebook.

A time delay between posts had been set in order to avoid been labelled as Spammer on facebook.

It can post in any language.

It can be used on phone. There is nothing to install. The Tool is already hosted/set up on a website. What you need is to register and start using it.

You need to start using this Tool for your business. It will help you advertise to millions of people everyday and gives you time to attend to other stuffs while it is doing the work on facebook for you.

It can be set to be posting for you everyday till the next six months. This will be driving traffics/visitors to your website every day and you will have a good chance of getting more downlines/referrals/customers for your programs and businesses.
The Tool is 100% Free.

2). 3,250 (Three Thousand Two Hundred & Fifty) Facebook Groups.

These are Groups on Facebook. They consist of people who are looking for ways or programs to join and make money as well as those who wants to advertise their programs and businesses. The Groups were simply set up to help people make money, improve member's businesses etc.

You can post your business/programs and be getting people to join you. What you cannot post are Nude Image / s*x Videos.
Some of these groups are having :

526,029 Members

496,406 Members

212,635 Members

181,840 Members

180,997 Members

179,556 Members

170,059 Members

162,618 Members

123,196 Members

115,168 Members

113,339 Members

110,122 Members

103,505 Members

100,420 Members

99,740 Members

96,865 Members

95,293 Members

94,743 Members

93,551 Members

91,139 Members

90,410 Members

84,849 Members

84,243 Members

79,242 Members

79,205 Members

Posting on these groups alone, your adverts will be going to 3,765,170 ( Three Million, Seven Hundred And Sixty-Five Thousand, One Hundred & Seventy ) People.

Do not forget,

The total number of Facebook Groups you will get is 3,250 (Three Thousand, Two Hundred & Fifty).

Using these groups gives you the opportunity of advertising to millions of people and a good chance of meeting those who will show interest in what you are advertising.
The names some of the Groups are having are :

Advertise Your Home Business

HomeBased Business


MLM Africa

Post Your Link Here

Online Income

Share Your Business With Us

Advertise Your Business Here

Earn Money Online

MLM Nigeria

Passive Income

Internet Marketing

Post Your Business etc.

Facebook is a good place to get customers/referrals/downlines for your businesses and using these groups will really increase your chance of getting much better result.

Posting on the Groups had been made easier with the availability of Multi Facebook Pages and Groups AutoPoster.

3). 570 (Five Hundred & Seventy) Google Plus Communities.

These are communities of people on Google Plus. They also consist of people who wants to make money and those that wants to advertise their businesses.

You can post your adverts to them and be getting good results.
Some of the Google Plus Communities are having :

695,515 Members

154,328 Members

149,919 Members

107,782 Members

89,330 Members

74,093 Members

By Posting your adverts on just these Six Communities alone, it will be going to 1,270,967 ( One Million, Two Hundred And Seventy Thousand, Nine Hundred And Sixty Seven ) people.
Imagine what will happen when you post to the entire 570 communities.

This is another good place to be getting new customers/downlines/referrals for your businesses.

4). Top 50 (Fifty) Mass Mailing Sites

These are Top mailing sites where you can send your adverts to member's emails. As a new member, you will be given credits which you can use to send your advert to all members. To get more credits, you will need to check other members adverts or pay for them.

You will surely get views and clicks for your adverts because, members needs to check other members adverts for them to get more credits which they too can use to advertise their own programs/businesses.

These Sites are the top ones at the moment and they produce great results. All of them are having thousands of members. Using them, your adverts will reach 300,000 plus people.

5). Top 250 (Two Hundred & Fifty) Classified Ad Sites & Business Directories

These are Top Classified Ads Sites and Business Directories which are getting thousand of views on a daily basis. If you get your business listed on them, you will be getting lot of views and clicks which can turn to customer, downlines or referrals.
Listing your business on them is free.

You can list any business you are into so far it is legal, even MLM programs can be listed. There are sections for that.

6). Top 40 (Forty) Article Submission Sites.

Writing or composing articles and submit them to this sites will help get people who will be checking your business every day. Come up with article that relates to your business, add your business link or url and submit them.

Every time the article is checked, the link included will be clicked and checked. From there, you will be getting customers/downlines/ referrals.

These sites are Top ones and they are getting thousands of visitors everyday. Using them guarantees a good result.

These Tool and Resources will greatly help your business if you use them. They are working for us as well as those that are using them.

You need to advertise your business, expose it to the world, let them know it exist. That is the way to be getting people who will be interested in it.

Use these Tool and Resources to expose your business to millions of people. Exposing to lot of people gives you a good chance of meeting those that will be interested in what you have.

Also if you have been finding it really hard to get downlines for your MLM programs, these Tools & Resources are your solution.
Start using them today and your business will improve a lot.

Do not forget,

You can also Sell them and make extra money

You can give them out as bonus to those that joined your programs/businesses

Get All These For Just $10 USD

You can pay into any of the e-accounts below;

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As soon as we confirm your payment, We will send the package to your email address. 

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